Konsolidator is the consolidation solution for forward-thinking CFO’s, Controllers and Finance managers.

Konsolidator deals with complex consolidation requirements and enables reliable and audit proof group reporting. Advanced algorithms automate the financial consolidation and eliminate manual tasks. Trust your data with Microsoft Azure® and enjoy seamless integrations with ERP systems, Excel Power Query® and Power BI®. Think forward, digitalize and take control over your data with Konsolidator®.

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Konsolidator saves time and resources by streamlining your consolidation and reporting workflow.

The Konsolidator interface is user-friendly and simple to maintain. Any Financial with average ERP experience can self-manage after the initial onboarding and benefit from a streamlined workflow build inside the solution. Accelerate the periodic cycle of consolidation and group reporting and gain back valuable time for in-depth analysis and forecasting.

Konsolidator Features that convinced us to onboard

  • Consolidation of actual, budget and forecast (multilevel)

  • P&L, balance sheet and KPI’s incl. cost centre and cost unit

  • Cash flow statements (multi level)

  • Elimination of investments and intercompany

  • Minority share calculation and elimination

  • Currency translation and exchange rate adjustments

  • Centralized, structured and online SQL data source

  • Seamless integration with ERP systems, Excel and Power BI

  • Predefined out-of-the-box reporting templates

  • Automated error checking and audit trail
  • Work accross teams with unlimited multi-user access
  • Affordable subscription model and fixed onboarding fee

Konsolidator Price plans

With Konsolidator we offer competative price plans for any corporate group. Whether you manage a small or large group of companies, deal with low or high accounting complexity or consolidate monthly, quarterly or annually, we have a plan for you.



Enjoy our SaaS plan in which you purchase and self-manage the Konsolidator license including reporting integrations (Excel Power Query, Power BI) and have your Finance team work on consolidation & reporting independently – after the initial onboarding.

Or choose our CaaS plan in which you fully outsource your consolidation & reporting process to our team of experienced Financials and get view only access to your group’s consolidation, reports and dashboards – after the initial training.

  • Monthly Subscription fee

  • Essential, Standard and Advanced

  • One time Onboarding fee

  • Unlimited User accounts

  • Email and Phone support

  • Cancellation every 3 months

  • Subscription fee per Financial cycle

  • Essential, Standard and Advanced
  • One time Set-up fee

  • Unlimited User accounts (view only)

  • Remote Support by our Financials

  • Cancellation every 3 months

View SaaS price plans here or contact us directly for a product demo incl. SaaS and CaaS price plans.

FIT Business Support

Roy Scheltens

Onboarding Expert
20+ years in Finance

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FIT Business Support is an official reseller and onboarding partner to Konsolidator in the Netherlands. We provide online product demo’s in Dutch or English.

Check out some interesting customer cases at the Konsolidator website and learn more about Konsolidator’s innovative solutions.

Our Onboarding Experts have senior experience in Finance and developed a strong passion for business process improvement and cloud solutions.

We are successful in providing time and cost saving solutions that meet complex accounting, reporting and business challenges to our (international) customers and with compliments from their auditors.

“Demonstrated superior international expertise in streamlining our Finance and Business operations across Europe, setting-up a fast close process and developing timely and accurate financial reports for Directors and Shareholders.”

Senior VP/CFO

“Dedication with knowledge of business administration, accounting and controlling and persistancy to solve problems in a complex (accounting) environment have been noted and have helped our customer to move forward.”

Manager Audit

“Determined, organized and goal oriented. Equipped with excellent skills for analysis, accounting, communication and ability to complete assigned tasks. Using own innovations to improve processes, resulting in time and cost savings.”

Internal Group Auditor

Our Customers

Our customers include international group companies with European headquarters in the Netherlands. Customers operate in a wide range of industries, but the complexity of business and accounting challenges often include:

  • Use of multiple ERP and Financial systems within their group

  • Low level of system integrations, high level of workarounds

  • Accounting structure and procedures not fit for intercompany

  • Foreign exchange, local and reporting currency difficulties

  • Slow and complex consolidation, reporting and analysis

  • Lack of time and knowledge within Finance team to innovate

Why work with us

We Are Financials

We are not just IT consultants. We are Financials and we know what your business processes and accounting & reporting requirements consist of and the challenges you may face today.

We speak the language of CFO’s and auditors and we know what stakeholders expect from your Finance team and how your team may lack time and skills to innovate and take the Finance function to the Next level.

We Solve Problems

We get energy from turning your business problems into challenges and we know how to onboard your Finance team to ‘industry best practice’ solutions by including them proactively in the change process.

We are keen to deliver the best and most efficient solutions for your Finance team to work with and we make sure your team can self-manage, independent from external consultants, after the initial onboarding.

Unlock Your Full Potential by Contacting Us Today!

Let’s meet online and let us show you the cloud solutions that we are excited about. And let’s discuss the challenges that you and your Finance team face today. It may all fall into place.

Together we can achieve great things!

FIT Business Support

Roy Scheltens

Onboarding Expert
20+ years in Finance

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